Duck Egg Cartons: Are Egg Cartons Recyclable?

You recycle plastics, paper, glass, and aluminum cans. Why not boxes for duck eggs? The simple explanation is that they aren't. Styrofoam, a petroleum substance that doesn't decompose in the environment, is used to make duck egg cartons. This indicates that recycling them really adds to the problem rather than alleviating it in terms of waste. Fortunately, there are recyclable and environmentally responsible alternatives to duck egg cartons available. See which choice is ideal for you by reviewing our selections of the best egg cartons and the finest recycling methods.

What are duck egg cartons made of?

Yes, in a nutshell, but with some restrictions. There are several distinct materials used to make each duck egg carton; therefore, it is not simply one item that may be recycled. The parts of a duck egg carton that are most usually recycled, however, are the plastic film and the paperboard. Typically, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a strong and lightweight material, is used to make the plastic film of a duck egg carton. An ordinary duck egg carton's plastic film can be recycled using standard recycling procedures because it is only 0.5 mm thick.

The paperboard of a duck egg carton frequently includes PET or some similar plastic material. The typical duck egg carton can also be recycled using standard recycling techniques because it is made of paperboard that is 2 mm thick.

How to Recycle Egg Cartons for Duck?

There are several ways to recycle egg cartons, but the most popular one is to take the cartons to a recycling facility. Follow these simple instructions to recycle your own eggs:

  • Gather all of your egg cartons and place them in a large colander.
  • Scrub the cartons well with a brush.
  • Remove the printed sheets and the covering of clear plastic.
  • Bake the cartons for 10 minutes at 375 degrees in a preheated oven.
  • Let the containers cool before throwing them away.

What Happens to Duck Egg Cartons After They're Recycled?

The content of egg cartons is separated into recyclable and non-recyclable categories after being sorted by material. In single-stream and mixed-stream processing facilities, all recyclables are divided. Water bottles, shopping bags, car bumpers, and orthopedic shoes are just a few examples of the new items that are made from recycled plastic once it has been melted down. Straws, foam insulation, wax paper, and cardboard egg cartons are among the non-recyclable items.


Egg cartons can be composted; however, there are certain restrictions.

  1. The first step in composting egg cartons is to break them up into small pieces and add them to a pile with plenty of nitrogen and carbon. The chemical makeup of the carton will disintegrate due to the heat generated during the composting process, converting it to soil.
  2. Second, since egg cartons are composed of paper, a home composter cannot compost them. They must be composted in a public place with a certified organic program.
  3. In general, avoid wrapping egg cartons in plastic or placing them in the recycling bin with other plastics if you want to recycle your egg cartons. Instead, shred them and add them to your compost pile in small pieces.

Does UPS deliver to Canada?

  • Egg carton recycling is legal in Canada. The containers are reusable, and the recycling process is straightforward. This is how it goes:
  • Get your egg cartons at the neighborhood grocery store. For this function, they will have a collection container.
  • The empty egg cartons should be placed in a durable trash bag. Before securing the bag, make sure you remove all of the air from it.
  • Bring the trash bag to the recycling facility in your community. Before they remove it, they will need to ensure that it is full of recyclable items.
  • Recycling egg cartons in Canada has a lot of advantages and is a simple process. By doing this, you are promoting conservation and lowering waste.

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